Senin, 23 April 2012

The Thinkquest Question of International Jurors

1.      What is the problem that you want to solve??

      The problem of education for poor people who are not able to go to school 

 2. Who will get the benefits of the project?

      Children who cannot afford to attend school. because indirectly we have been delivering their   

aspiration to the Government to attend school

 3. What is the unique value of what tthe project’s offered to the public & goverment?
     We can know the shortcomings of government programs based on the opinions of children are unable

 4. a. Does the team includeeffectively solving the problem?  b. How is the team to the test obtained solution?
a.       Yes its effective. for the projects that we the government can make more sensitive with the state    of the poor and the government could try the solutions that we figured out to develop of education for the poor

b.      because the solution that we made based on the research we do directly to children dropping out of school. so the solutions we create become more effective 

5. a. What is the impact of the project for your team? b. What does your team learn by participating in this contest? 
a.       the impact of the project we made for us was we were able to find out that the problem was  not fully pendidikakan the poor government errors but also the fault of the child and his parents own  
b.  cooperation and can be more knowledgeable about the lives of children who dropped out of school


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