Senin, 23 April 2012

Student's Opinion

          Based on the opinion of one of the students of STIS, Putri Wahyu Handayani, she said that education in Indonesia today already we can say good. Education for children not capable of Government there have been several, which proved now existing free school to junior high school level. Now only how the school really living program from government well. So, the real spearhead of an educational policy is the school itself. However , I think it is still necessary for the socialization of the school of night. Because we cannot ultimately coerce street children that are forced to help their parents to work looking for money at school so for those who like it, according to I need to join the school of night.

           For example put it this way, you are the type of people cannot afford. Your dad work but not necessarily every go home carrying food.  You have a young sister who would need food. How big is the desire to attend school, but prefer to help work looking for money, by being a busker, a shoe shine, and others are of course carried out during the day. Well, it seems to me unlikely education can beat the necessities of life for them,, so need to hold night school.

          Indonesia's first ever held a school night, but now it was not found again. Therefore need to rebuilt school nights like that. The opinion that I can pass on. More or less his apologies. Hopefully my aspirations can make the Government can give more attention to the situation of education in Indonesia now.

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