Selasa, 24 April 2012


       Our thanks we present to allah SWT which has provided grace and gifts to us, so we're successfully completed our research, that is “Is There Any Chance to School For Them?” 
       This project is content about research we did about the lives of the poor is getting derailed don't even get to school and the role of the government
        Completed of this research because, there is some help from various parties. therefore, we would to say thank you and give the highest appreciation to: 

1. Allah SWT 
2. Mr. Rukiman Lumban Batu as our head master 
3.Mrs. Ratih Febryanti as our teacher, thanks for your instruction that have been given 
4. all of our friends, thanks for your support 
5. And our family 

       We realized this research is not perfect, therefore, your constructive critic and suggestion is more we expected 

Finally, we're hope this research can be usefull for alll of the reader, thanks

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