Selasa, 24 April 2012


       Education, a word that is familiar yet we we've heard. A word that is meaningful in our lives in the present. Everyone must have been acquainted with what is called education. Education is a pageant to find science in order to create a general, educated, knowledgeable and had educated and shaped the teaching given through means such as education means school. Means of education that would give the education we often find in large cities or towns off the beaten track. First, education is given regardless of the people from various walks of life. Or it can be said that education is common and acceptable by all classes of society. However, at the present time, education was no longer acceptable to all groups in society. No more universal education. Proven, until today there are still many of our brothers and sisters in remote areas even in the big cities that are not getting the education. They are much better off working to earn a living as compared to school like other children. Then, why it could happen in our country, a country that is educated? What cause they couldnt get the education? Who's to blame? And, indeed, still is there any chance to get an education for them?

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