Senin, 23 April 2012

Interview 1

This is an interview with my long distance cousin. He’s name is Hairil Chandra, fifiteen years old who stayed awhile in my home to work in my Father’s workhouse for make clothes in Jakarta

Me         : Hi, Candra! Can I interview you for a bit?

Candra   : Of course

Me         : So, What do you think about the education in Indonesia? Is it nice? Or bad?

Candra   : I don’t know about the education in Indonesia since I never went outside the village, but I think the  education is good enough, the same goes to the facility too. Tough in my school, our teacher is a very not fair person. He always makes his student that close/ have any relatives with to get a good score every exam. And my school is very far away from my house

Me:        : Then, I know you’re not continue your school, so when and why you stop it?

Candra   : I stop to school after sixth grade. And because I don’t bring any file about my passgrade afer sixth grade

Me         : Why? Everyone knows you have to give it if you want to enroll to school. Do you forget such an important things?

Candra   : No... I did it on purpose

Me         : What? You don’t want to school anymore?

Candra   : Yeah, I just want to work. It’s not like the jobs need the multiplication or anything like that in school

Me         : But jobs in Jakarta, at least, you have to have the Junior High School passing license. Do you 
aware of that?

Candra   : I never informed something like that

Me         : And why you choose Jakarta? I mean, there’s another town without you cross your island to have a work

Candra   : The jobs in Jakarta is so much easier like in this home. I just have to do somethings.

Me         : Easy? This home is just a very little piece of work’s world if you ask me. You don’t know anything outside this home. And besides, I don’t see you do so much hardwork like other employee in here. And though I said this, yo still want to work in Jakarta?

Candra   : Yup

Me         : So, the last question, what’s your solution for make the education in Indonesia more better?

Candra   : I think, the government have to more care about poor people especially in remote island. There’s so much people who don’t understand Indonesia language.

Me         : Alright, thank you for your time!

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