Minggu, 22 April 2012


       Based on what was described above. We can conclude that the issue of education for the poor error aren't completely by the Government. But also because it is their own fault. Based on our survey many of them are not in the mood to get education caused a few things, which tends to be that they better work. Because the work they can live happily and fulfilled the needs of life science that compared must demand will inevitably take some time I contemplate them.
       Please note also that other factors besides working like lazy grow on themselves due to learning much draining time course to learn to make us a lot more trouble thinking, we need to take the time to read the book so much. For these reasons some children who are less in the first to understand the importance of education for them. Maybe we need to get back to the Government that the Government should embrace more sensitive children who are less fortunate. Not just a dock program “WAJAR 9 Tahun”  but can also develop new programs support education for the poor.


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