Minggu, 22 April 2012



    We argue that the right solution to support education for the poor is school. Where children there get science like the other kids. Beside that, it also earned for activities supporting his talent such as sewing, cooking etc. Activity may look simple and plain. However, activities that could produce generations who are well established and knowledgeable and had for the future if they have a great future.
    In addition, needs to be done in the case of children who are not able to directly from the Government. The reason for knowing children the right to get help directly from the Government. Such assistance is already covering the BOS donation, clothing, and other school equipment, or it can be said the children were in no way diberatkan with any demands the completeness of that school. So the kids will have a passion for study and education in schools. but such aid also needs to be confirmed what the cause is? Sometimes the spirit of a child up and down. Therefore, children should be required to study in earnest from government assistance and when their value goes down, they deserve punishment.

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