Selasa, 24 April 2012

Reality About The Indonesian Education Now

     At the age of globalization, education in Indonesia may be totally amazing to the previous. But it is those who are capable in economic. What about those who are not able? Does anybody care about them? What about their opportunity to achieve their ambition? There, all will be explain.

       We deserve to take pride in an excellent education in Indonesia today. But it is only for those who can afford the economic field. For those who can not afford, is it still good then? Now most government attention only to people who are able. Their concern for the poor still lack. Especially in terms of education. In fact there are many people who can not afford not to carry out its obligations as the nation's children to school. We must increase our concern for their. Lest we be successful, while there still are not able to reach their ambition.


       That's the only way to be able to reach the ambition. There may not be a doctor when previously no school. All ambition will be achieved if we had the previous school. Because the school we can determine the aptitudes and interests that we have. That’s it we can determine too my ambition. All about it will explain at school.

       At school children are given not only science but also provided moral values that can create the personality of the child. The school also provides an activity such as extracurricular activities to fill the free time with positive activities and can develop the potential of the child according to talent and interest in each.

       Just imagine when we are not at school. We won't know what our talents, there is in the field of what interests us, and in fact we are also difficult to determine what will be our future. In addition, if the children did not attend school then the left child does not understand about moral education so that the crime could increase the nation's generation.

       Therefore, let us jointly solve this country for the sake of education towards the nation's generation educated and virtuous character of the sublime.

       It all indicates that education for children is very important. An advanced nation, is a nation in which its HUMAN RESOURCES quality.

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