Minggu, 22 April 2012

Interview 2

Interviewer     :   Previously, we would like to ask first, what all of you are not a school?

Informants      :   Right, we're not school.

Interviewer     :   That we may know why don 't you school ?

Informants      :   Our parents not having money to school charge. We have to work help them.

Interviewer     :   How are you looking for money?

Informants      :   Sometimes we become a busker in traditional markets or on the train.

Interviewer     :   So what you don 't want to school ?

Informants      :   Very want to , but we have to help parents us to seek money. If not , we cannot eat.

Interviewer     :   Isn ' t the government had already made the programs free school ? Why are you not to school?

Informants      :   Free school program is still lacking help us , because we still have to buy equipment other schools , as uniform and writing book. Whereas in order to buy the food of course we have to work a full day.

Interviewer     :   So what hope you guys against the Government?

Informants      :   The Government can provide better education programs and professional for those who really cannot afford to attend school.

Interviewer     :   Thank you for giving a little time. Good luck hope you guys can be addressed by the Government. Good continuing your an activity. Goodbye...

Informants     :   You're welcome. Bye..

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