Selasa, 24 April 2012

Let us introduce ourselves

Hello... we are from 49 HighSchool of South Jakarta. We want to introduce ourself. Our team is consists of six person that is Aidina Ayu Fitriani, Dwi Kartika Sari, Faza Nadilla and Kartika Sandra Dewi. Want to know more about us? Check this out!

1. Aidina Ayu Fitriani
Hello! My name is Aidina Ayu Fitriani.My nickname is Aidina. I'm 14 years old. Now, I sat in class 10 Senior High Schhol 49 South Jakarta. My hobby is drawing. My motto is do something what you can do because it was not will recur.

2. Dwi Kartika Sari

Heey guys! My name is Dwi Kartika Sari, you can call me Dwi or Tika. I'm 15 years old. I live in South Jakarta with my family. My daily activity is school, do homework and playing with my friends. My hobby is listening music, watch some dvd and read a knowledge book. Well, I'm in 10th grade senior high school of 49 South Jakarta. My motto is: it's good to you if you're be the integrate people :)

3. Faza Nadilla
Hiya guys :D My name is Faza Nadila but you can call me Faza or even Za for short. Has black eyes and hair, has a big minus eyes(if you wanna know)... I'm 15 years old. My hobby are Drawing (especially manga/anime), listening to music, and read some books or fanfictions... hmm.. there's like nothing I can say anymore... bye :)

4. Kartika Sandra Dewi

Hello i'm Kartika Sandra Dewi, you can call me Sandra. I live in South Jakarta. I'm 15 years old and i was born in Klaten 3rd December 1996. My hobby are drawing, listening music and tell my live story... Hmm i like designed something :)


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